Painting With A Purpose

With the Shady Lady!

Starting in 2019 I found a passion for mixing color combinations onto pieces of furniture and turned it into a successful business. 

After a year of watching my business flourish, I wanted the opportunity to share with others how to become successful at painting while experiencing the rewarding and relaxing effects that painting provides. I started to think about a painting workshop. I knew that other people would find it rewarding just as I had. I went to work developing classes for people who had from a little to a lot of experience.


I started that back in late 2019 before Covid-19 hit. We have all been affected by this virus in various ways. During these times, so many of us may have experienced anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Perhaps you have recently retired, have lost gainful employment, moved to a new location, and you have found yourself experiencing these emotions. I would like to show you how painting can help provide relief from these symptoms. 

If you choose to participate in a workshop, you have the choice of picking your piece such as a canvas, piece of furniture, or clothing.,

The workshop will cover choosing and prepping your piece, paint types, choosing brushes, application techniques and blending. We'll also cover how to finish your piece. 

For a limited time these workshops can be purchased for $107. There are four sessions.That is roughly $26.50/session! You can't beat that! So if you want to learn how to paint and find a purpose complete the registration form below.


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